‘It’s been an emotional ride’: How we got here

The family of a woman who died from a rare blood disorder has told how the family “was a little bit overwhelmed” when she died last year, nearly 20 years ago.

A new book, “The Story of Me,” by Nancy Houser, chronicles the life of Linda, who was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in the early 1990s.

Linda Housers, pictured in 2010, died at age 83 from a brain tumor.

The cancer left her with the condition that requires constant monitoring by a doctor.

In the book, Housman writes that Linda Housher’s family had never been “a happy family.”

She says her mother was the daughter of a well-off Chicago doctor, and she was always surrounded by the trappings of a happy family.

“My father was a very successful lawyer and was a real, very successful man,” Housier writes.

“My mother, on the other hand, was an ordinary working mother of four.”

The Houshers were born in the Bronx, and their father was the president of a family business.

The family moved to a suburban area in suburban Illinois, and Linda attended a private school in suburban Chicago.

Linda’s mother, a single mother of two young daughters, was the wife of a Chicago lawyer, who had moved to Chicago to start a new life.

She died in a car accident in 1988, and her husband was a successful lawyer, too.

The book tells the story of how Linda’s life turned sour when she began to exhibit symptoms of the disease, including a worsening appetite and aching joints.

Her doctors prescribed a series of anti-inflammatory drugs and began monitoring her every few days.

Linda was in a hospital in the summer of 1995, when her blood test showed the tumor was growing.

It took three months to see a doctor, who diagnosed her with Hodgkin’s.

Her condition deteriorated and she died on Feb. 18, 1997.

The diagnosis shocked the Housiers, who were stunned that they would lose their daughter, who would have turned 86 this year.

Nancy Hulser told The Globe and Mail that she had never spoken about Linda’s death before.

She says the family has had to cope with the loss of Linda in a way they never had to deal with the death of their own daughter.

“It’s a very moving story,” Hulsers said.

“There’s a lot of emotion there.

There’s a great amount of grief.”

Nancy Houserman is a retired public relations manager who worked for the company that owns the Chicago Cubs.

She has worked on numerous projects with the Cubs and has been involved in the game since its inception.

The Hulshers were devastated when Linda died, but Nancy Houlerman said she was not surprised by her daughter’s death.

“We never expected it to happen, but she was such a great daughter and a wonderful person, and the people of Chicago were so supportive of her, Nancy said.”

I don’t think we ever got the shock that we should have gotten.

I think she knew we would lose her, but I don’t know what she thought about that.

“Linda’s father died in 1989, and his family did not want to see him suffer, Nancy Hulerman said.

Linda Houler’s death is being treated as an “unusual case of acute lymphoblastic leukemia” by the National Cancer Institute.

Nancy said her daughter was the kind of person who was always there for anyone who needed her.”

She was always kind, she was never a victim,” she said.

But Nancy Hursers said the Hulsher family has struggled financially as a result of the illness.”

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We are very grateful for the people that have been here with us.”

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