Stars unveil $4M line of mom jewelry

Stars players and coaches gathered at the team’s new jewelry store to unveil a line of personalized mom jewelry at the organization’s headquarters.

The new store, which opens to the public in mid-January, will include an assortment of items like pendants, earrings and bracelets.

Stars president and general manager Jim Nill said the store will be one of the teams most visible and personal displays of its brand.

“The first thing I saw is the store.

It’s so cool, you know what I mean?

That’s just the best thing I’ve ever seen.

It was just amazing,” Nill told reporters before the team held a ribbon cutting ceremony for the new store.

“The store itself, the whole idea of that is just a piece of our identity, and that’s a big part of why we wanted to bring it to the NHL.

It just kind of speaks to the whole brand.”

Stars coach Lindy Ruff, right, with the new mom jewelry store.

The store is set to open to the general public in early January.

“It’s an opportunity to share the love and to show our fans that the Stars are a family,” Ruff said.

“They’re a family and they care about each other.”

The Stars have an extensive catalog of mom items and have long offered a curated selection of jewelry.

But Ruff said the new jewelry shop will be the teamís most visible, personalized collection.

“I think the moms are the heart and soul of the franchise, and it just really makes it special,” Ruff told reporters.

“We’re very proud of our moms.

We want them to be our fans, we want them be part of the brand and be part in our community.

That’s what they want.”

Stars president and GM Jim Nilly says the store is the team s most visible brand.

“I think they’re going to be a major part of our community, we’re going and we’re bringing them to the rink and our team,” Nilly said.

The Stars had been shopping for a mom jewelry department for several months, but Ruff said that the store was finally ready for the opening.

“When I was looking at the stores in Las Vegas and in New York, and the mall and the department stores, I just couldn’t get that idea to go anywhere else,” Ruff joked.

“And so when it finally came to Nashville and when it came to LA, I was like, ‘That’s it.

I just can’t wait to have a mom department in our building.'”

The Stars also announced a new mom program that will begin in late January.

Stars fans will be able to buy a variety of personalized jewelry and other merchandise in the new department.

The merchandise will also be available at the new mall and at the newly renovated StarCenter.

The store will serve as the Stars s largest mom jewelry showcase to date.

The Stars have already held a handful of events with mom jewelry stores in recent years.

Last year, the Stars hosted a mom-focused jewelry show at the Toyota Center.

The show was a success, with many fans coming out to purchase a variety and jewelry items.

The next year, Stars coach Lindymare Lukaku wore a mother jewelry necklace during the game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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