The Latest: Trump is ‘outraged’ over ‘bizarre’ ‘Trump Tower’ story

President Donald Trump was “outraged” over a New York Times article that revealed the president had made secret trips to his New York penthouse penthouse to “tour” his business empire.

The New York Post story said the president took a “private jet to a New Jersey golf course and to a golf course in Pennsylvania.”

The story also claimed Trump took a private plane to his daughter Ivanka’s birthday party in the White House, and to the golf club at Trump Tower.

Trump tweeted about the report, “It is absolutely false.

It is utterly false and totally unfair.

I have never met my daughter Ivanka, nor have I ever taken a private jet.”

The president tweeted on Sunday that “The fake news media, and their many propagandists, are trying to say that I am trying to ‘run’ my business in a way that benefits me and my businesses, when in reality it is a total sham.”

Trump, however, “would never intentionally run his business in such a way.

The way it works is, when I need help, I can call and they will help me.”

“The Fake News Media, and Their many propagands, are Trying to Say That I Am Trying to ‘Run’ My Business in a Way That Benefits Me and My Business,” Trump wrote.

“The way it Works is, When I Need Help, I Can Call and they Will Help Me.”

Trump also posted on Twitter that he “never met” his daughter, Ivanka, and that he had never taken a “personal” flight, despite the Times article reporting that Trump “toured the White Palace on multiple occasions” on business trips.

“I never took a personal jet to golf courses, nor would I ever want to do so,” Trump tweeted.

Trump, the president’s eldest daughter, tweeted, “I have no plans to go on a trip or take private plane with the president in a private capacity.

I will not even take his plane to New York to see him, or even talk to him, as the president has made clear.”

The Post story also quoted two sources, one who claimed to be a source inside Trump’s inner circle and the other who claimed the president was “on the verge of losing his White House bid.”

Trump has not addressed the article, which is the first to name him as a possible candidate to succeed former President Barack Obama in the 2020 election.

“You know, I’m the least popular president in history, according to many people.

It’s been a very, very tough four years for the president, and the country, and he has made a lot of mistakes,” Trump told NBC’s Meet the Press in October.

“There are so many people that are not liking what he’s doing, but I’m not liking it.”

“I’m the only one who is saying that it’s time to do something about it, and it’s so unfair, and I don’t understand why people don’t like what I’m doing.

I’m just saying that,” Trump added.

“And I’m very proud of it.”

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