Why the Diamond Club is in a frenzy over the blue nile box

A jeweler’s dream: the blue-nile box with diamond-embroidered pieces.

But what makes this piece unique is the diamond inlay.

“You’ve got a gem in there that is so beautiful and it is so unique and you don’t see that much in the jewelry world,” says the diamond company’s founder, Alexandrite Jewelers CEO Evan J. Smith.

“This diamond, it’s just incredible.”

For decades, the company has been working to find diamonds that are the perfect balance of diamonds, steel and precious metals.

The company has worked with some of the world’s best gemologists, and it has also been able to craft a product that reflects the best of both worlds.

But this year, the Diamond & Sterling Company (D&AS) had a change of heart.

A handful of diamond dealerships had been selling blue niles for years, but they were expensive and too complex to buy online.

The diamond box that was designed to showcase the blue diamonds was a big step in the right direction.

The jeweler said, “I need to change the whole mindset around diamond sales.”

The blue niledos have now been on sale for nearly a year, and D&AS is thrilled.

“We’ve been working with a lot of gemologists around the world,” Smith says.

“I think they are going to be very happy with what they see.”

Smith says the blue jewelry box is the first time the diamond companies have ever brought a diamond to market that was actually made with gold.

“People have been asking about this for years and years,” he says.

And they were very interested.

In fact, the blue gems in the box have been so popular that a handful of other jewelers have already started selling them.

But the jewelers are not the only ones who have been excited about the blue box.

“The diamond industry has been on fire for the last couple of years,” says Tiffany &amp.; Sterling Co. CEO and president Stephen W. Richards.

“Diamonds are an industry in crisis, and we’ve been very lucky in the last six to seven years.”

Tiffany &amps.; Sterling’s goal is to make diamond jewelry more affordable and accessible for everyone.

The blue diamond box has helped to bring the industry into the 21st century.

“It was such a natural evolution,” says Richards.

It started as a one-time, low-cost product that would have been a niche for diamond dealers.

But as the industry has grown, so have the demand for diamonds.

“A lot of people are interested in diamonds, and they want them to be a little bit more affordable,” says Smith.

But that’s not necessarily the case for everybody.

“That was the beauty of the blue diamond: we could make it as inexpensive as possible,” he adds.

Tiffany &amping.; Sterling has partnered with a handful.

“They’ve all come out with something different and unique,” Richards says.

For instance, one dealer said he wanted a “super-luxe diamond box.”

But Richards and Smith say that’s just not the case with this new line of diamonds.

And the box is not the end of the story.

“What we’re trying to do is take a diamond that’s been around for decades and turn it into something new, something that can be affordable for people,” Richards explains.

“But it’s also really a diamond box, so it can be worn by anyone.

It’s a piece of jewelry that can really be worn with any outfit.”

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