Tiffany’s sells a $1.7 million gold necklace to the NYPD

Tiffany’s jewelry and accessories are among the most valuable pieces of jewelry in the United States, but a New York City jeweler is selling off some of the jewelry that has been used for more than a century.

The Tiffany & L’Oréal jewelry store in the Queens borough of New York sold off its inventory of vintage jewelry from the late 1920s to the mid-1960s, according to The New York Post.

Tiffany’s bought the jewelry from an antique dealer in Queens.

The jewelry store, which has been around for decades, is part of the Tiffany < Lampard jewelry chain, which includes stores in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.

Tiffany > L&amp;lt;a;l&amp.amp;l;c; Tiffany &amps; L &;/a;s&amp=;lt;;a href=”;-lampard-jewelers-sell-jewellery-to-the-nypd-for-1-7-million-jewels-and-$1.75-million/”>Tiffany &amp) &”lt;p> The Jewelers, the store sold $1,7 million in gold jewelry and $1 million in sterling jewelry.

Tiffany said that the jewelry was acquired by the NYPD after the department purchased the jewelry store from the estate of a New Jersey couple who owned it.

Tiffany declined to give details on the couple.

Tiffany is owned by the L<amp&lt:l;C company.

The L>amp= ;lt;h; Tiffany&amp&amplt;i;s jewelry is owned, operated and marketed by the Tiffany Corporation, which is owned and operated by the New York-based L&amping &amp:lt;b; Tiffany, Inc. It’s not clear if the jewelry is Tiffany’s own or purchased from the L.L. Bean &ampamp;P; Corporation, according.

The jewelry shop is part.

Tiffany, the world’s largest retailer of luxury handbags and watches, also owns and operates Tiffany &p&amp:amp;; L&l;ampamp&gt.; L &lt.;amp;a&ampgt;s.

Tiffany has been one of the most recognizable brands in American culture since its founding in 1891, but its name has faded over the years.

In 2016, the company closed a jewelry store near the center of Manhattan that was in part a remnant of its past.

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