How to avoid being caught in the crossfire of a Trump trade war

The Hill article The United States is “going to have a trade war” with China, President Donald Trump has warned.

The White House’s threat comes just a day after Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross and President Donald Trumps Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin issued a joint statement saying they were “committed to negotiating a better deal” with the country.

The White House did not provide any specific details on what the trade war would look like or how it would play out.

Ross and Mnuchin’s statement said the U.S. would “seek to preserve our position as a global leader in innovation, access to capital and economic growth,” but the White House has not provided specifics.

The statement did say that the Trump administration will “continue to make it clear that a trade deal that’s fair to the American worker is worth doing.”

The statement said that “our trade policies are designed to promote growth and job creation, not disadvantage American workers.”

The Trump administration is also planning to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade pact Trump has criticized as “terrible.”

Trump has threatened to renegotiate the pact with other nations, saying that his administration “won’t give in” to corporate lobbyists.

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