Why a woman in a dress was the most expensive necklace ever made

When a friend of mine bought her first necklace, she decided to make her own by sewing together beads, which she put in her mouth to make them easier to swallow. 

Then, one day, she discovered that the beads would turn out to be a bit too complicated to make on her own. 

When she was faced with the choice of buying a whole bunch of beads for her necklace, or making a bunch of different ones, she thought to herself, “Maybe I can make my own necklace.” 

The first piece of jewelry I ever made was a bracelet with the word “NECROMANCY” embroidered on it. 

The process was really easy.

I just put the beads into a bag and put them in my mouth. 

I was able to make these beads with my teeth, and they looked really cute! 

After my first necklace made, I started to experiment with different kinds of beads. 

One day, I made a bracelet that was really simple to make and it was quite popular with my friends. 

Now, every necklace I make has an embroidered word on it, so you can feel free to make one of your own if you like. 

It’s a good way to remember to make a good necklace.

I’ve made so many that I don’t even know where to start, so I’m just going to give you a taste of some of my favorites. 


The Black Diamond Ring A necklace that has a Black Diamond emblem on the inside is a bit unique. 

As I was making the Black Diamond bracelet, I realized that the inside of the bracelet would be the perfect symbol for me to wear. 

And I wanted to have a necklace that would make people feel like I’m really special. 

So, I created the Black diamond bracelet. 

This necklace is made with a black diamond that is attached to a black satin ribbon. 

My inspiration for the BlackDiamondRing was the diamond rings of my favorite artists. 

These are the only jewelry designs I’ve ever made that really capture that feeling of a special, unique, and exclusive piece of artistry. 


The Jewelry Collection I’m obsessed with jewelry.

I love how jewelry has evolved to become so complex and intricate. 

There are many different styles of jewelry out there and I love to pick out jewelry that I really love. 

But, there are just a lot of different kinds out there, and it can be hard to find something that suits you. 

That’s why I decided to create a necklace inspired by the jewelry I love.

 This is my favorite necklace because it has an amazing combination of quality and design. 

You get a really unique look with it and I’m glad I was able as a beginner to find the right one. 


The Rainbow Rainbow necklace I’ve been making Rainbow Rainbow bracelets since I was a little girl. 

In my childhood, I used to make Rainbow Rainbow jewelry for my mom and dad. 

Since they are so popular now, I figured I’d make a Rainbow Rainbow bracelet for myself as well. 

A Rainbow Rainbow was an important symbol of friendship for me growing up. 

At the same time, it was also something that made me feel really special and loved. 

After making a RainbowRainbow necklace, I decided I wanted something that could really reflect that love.

I’m so glad I did. 


The Crystal Ball I made this necklace to honor my mother. 

Growing up, I was very fortunate to have an amazing, loving mother.

She was a very caring and generous person who always gave me her full support. 

Even though I’m an only child, I think I can still use some of that kindness to give back to others. 


The Star of David and the Hebrew letters The Star Of David and Hebrew letters are symbols of love and friendship. 

They represent the colors of the Hebrew national flag. 

For me, I have a lot to say about my mother and her love of making beautiful jewelry and to give it back to people who need it.

If you’re interested in learning more about making a necklace, I suggest reading up on jewelry making techniques or learning how to make your own jewelry.

I’d love to hear what you think! 

Happy making!

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