Jared Dang on ‘Jared Dang’

Jared Dangs latest jewelry collection is called “Jared’s” and features pieces such as a gold filled ring, a silver lined necklaces necklace, and a diamond necklace.

Dangs most popular jewelry, however, is the jewelry box, which is shaped like a diamond.

He is currently working on a diamond jewelry box.

The jewelry box is not his first foray into the world of jewelry, and he is no stranger to the world.

His jewelry box first hit the market in 2013, and since then, he has expanded it into more than 40 pieces.

The jewelry box in question, a gold-filled jewelry box with a diamond-cutout top and bottom, is now available for sale in the United States at the Jared DANG Collection on Etsy.

The box, a collaboration between Jared Dangers Jewelry Box and Dang, is priced at $11,995.

Dang says the box is made of solid gold and is inspired by a classic piece of jewelry called a diamond ring.

The box, however is made up of three different jewelry pieces: a ring, necklacing necklace, diamond necklace,and a diamond bracelet.

The diamond bracelet is the most popular of the three, with over two million orders from buyers in the U.S. alone.

The diamond bracelet in the box features a black and white gold ring and a black-and-white diamond necklace with a blue-and a green-colored diamond ring, both of which are priced at around $300.

The ring also has a green diamond and a blue diamond in the middle.

The necklace in the diamond box is shaped to resemble a diamond, and the diamonds are all set into the jewelry.

The diamonds, however are in different sizes.

The smallest diamond is only a quarter of an inch in size, and is set into a green ring.

The smaller diamond is set to measure about three and a half inches, and measures a third of an over a foot long.

The most popular piece of the jewelry set is the diamond bracelet, which has a white diamond ring and three diamonds in a diamond loop around it.

The two other diamonds are set into white diamonds, and they are each set to be approximately two inches long.

The three diamonds are each a quarter-inch long, which would be set into two white diamonds.

The diamonds, which are set in different colors, are each priced at roughly $1,600 each.

The set is designed with different finishes.

The necklaced necklace is designed in a pink-and yellow gold.

The necklace is set in white gold and the necklace is black and gold.

The jewel box is available for $11995, and you can see a preview of it in the gallery above.

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