A new lightbox accessory, the rross simon jewelry

A new accessory for rross simon is available, and it’s an awesome lightbox.

The rrosss simon ring has a lot of good features, but the most notable is that it features a tiny LED light that’s light up for an instant, making it the perfect accessory for jewelry that’s hanging on a light box or hanging from a necklace.

There’s also a small pocket on the outside of the ring for storage and a soft, soft button on the side that lets you turn on the light for one minute and off for 10.

You can also put it in the pocket of your clothing, and the LED light comes on when you turn it on, making this the perfect way to wear jewelry while taking a walk or running.

This is a great lightbox for any type of jewelry, from fancy bracelets to everyday wear.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your ring lighted all day, or if you just need something that’s portable and doesn’t have to be taken anywhere, this is definitely the accessory for you.

The ring will run you $130, and you can purchase one online right now.

The best part?

It’s not an expensive accessory, so you don’t have a lot to lose by buying it now, and even if you’re not into jewelry, you can still pick up a few accessories for this ring that will last a lifetime.

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