How to make your own gold nail polish from scratch

I used to get so caught up in my beauty routine, but then I found a nail polish that actually made me feel more feminine.

I used a little bit of gold nail art polish to create the look of a sparkly necklace.

The best part is that it was actually a pretty simple process.

You’ll need: -A gold nail (I used a gold one that I got at my local nail salon)-A nail file (I got mine at Michaels)-Gold polish brushes (I picked up this small black nail file and the one from Sara’s Beauty Store for $6.49)-Scenting powder (I also got a sample of Petal Beauty’s Sparkling Collection which is supposed to be beauty oil-free, but I wasn’t sure if that was the case for me)Step 1: Get the nail file. 

It comes in a small plastic bottle, and I always like to buy small bottles for this type of project. 

The file will be used to make a gold necklace, which is the most important part of this project.

I picked up the nail files from Michaels for $6 and the bottle was $1.99.

Step 2: Add the nail polish to the file.

Once the nail paint is added to the nail, the gold polish will begin to set on the nail.

You will also notice the gold is very shiney. 

This is the gold nail file, which I picked off the shelf. 

Step 3: Apply the polish.

Now that the nail is wet, you will need to apply the polish, which will be the gold color.

I applied the polish with my finger, and then I used my finger to apply it to the top of the nail and onto the base of the finger. 

After the polish was applied, I was able to see the gold shine. 

As you can see, the polish is super glittery, but you can also see the silver sparkle on the gold. 

I would recommend that you wear this polish in the shower, or wear it in your car, but if you do not have access to a shower or a car, you can apply it at home.

Step 4: Let the polish dry.

When the polish dries, you’ll notice that the gold sparkle has completely faded.

This is because the nail art file was wet with gold polish, and it is now completely dry. 


You’ve just made your own nail polish! 

I did not have this same gold nail nail file at home, so I would suggest having a friend bring it to you and you can take it with you on a trip. 

There is also a free tutorial on how to make nail polish, but the one I used was really expensive, and so I am not going to go into the details. 

To make this project, you really need a nail file that is around $3.99, so it would probably cost around $60 to get this kind of gold polish file.

If you do decide to make this kind of nail polish at home though, I highly recommend you pick up a gold nail brush and some nail art nail polish brushes from Petals Beauty store for around $5.99 each. 

These nail art brushes are really awesome for creating sparkly nail art. 

They also come in a nice variety of colors that are also super sparkly. 

And, of course, I did not even need a glitter nail polish. 

So, I’m really excited to see how this looks! 

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments below! 

What are your favorite ways to make jewelry?

What would you do if you could make your jewelry for free? 

Leave a comment below!

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