What happens when you buy a jewelry store, and then it closes?

In a world where the majority of jewelry stores are in the city, it’s hard to imagine a life without a few big-name brands.

But when one of the few big names is sold and shuttered, how do you keep your jewelry collection alive?CBS News has learned that many owners are losing their stores and are trying to find new ones.

And the problem is not limited to the Big Four.

It’s affecting stores in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Here are some of the ways some owners are struggling.

One of the Big Five: Kendra Scott Jewelry in San Francisco.

Kendra scotts jewelry store closed in December.

Now, the owner is looking for a new location.

The store has been in San Mateo County since the late 1980s, but it closed in January.

Scott is the co-owner of Jewelry & Crafts in San Rafael.

She says she had hoped to stay open and reopen a new store in the near future.

The Jewelry and Crafts store in San Jose has not reopened, and Scott is working on finding a new one.

Scott says the reason for the store’s closure was the fact that she has been unable to secure a new lease with a major retailer, which could have brought the store into compliance with state law.

The San Francisco Chronicle reports that Jewelry, Crafts and the other stores were sold for $5 million, and now that they are no longer selling, Scott is trying to sell them to a third party.

The Chronicle reported that a person who knows Scott said she has sold jewelry for about $3 million to a company that has yet to confirm that it has been approved to do business in the state.

Scott told the Chronicle that the sale was expected, but she is still in the process of negotiating a new deal.

She is trying with a company in the same area as the Jewelry store to open a new Jewelry Store.

She also is considering selling the store to a jewelry company in San Diego.

A third party is also selling jewelry at other locations.

One of the places is a San Francisco jewelry store in Oakland, where owner and co-founder Kathy Scott sold her jewelry store to her daughter, Krista Scott, who sold it to her sister, Michelle Scott.

Scott has said she will use her jewelry business to help pay for college, her daughter has said, and she is considering getting her daughter married to help support her.

Scott said she is hopeful that she will find a new home for her jewelry in the next year or two, but that it’s difficult to say where.

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