Canada’s biggest gem, an ‘inspirational’ diamond from the 1960s, sold for $6.6 million

The Canadian gem company that built the iconic Diamond Nose Jewelry Tree, a massive gemstone that sits atop the Grand Hotel in downtown Vancouver, is selling its most famous piece for $7.1 million.

The gem, a 17-carat gold chain that dates to the 1960’s, sold on Tuesday for $9.8 million.

It was the largest single-day sale in the history of the company, which was founded in 1969 by former British Airways pilot, Peter Gold, and is now the world’s biggest producer of diamonds.

The diamond was one of the few pieces in the company’s collection, said CEO David Waddell, who was named chief executive last year.

“This diamond is a really unique gemstone, and I think it’s an inspirational one,” said Waddel.

A large portion of the sale went to the Canadian Heritage Fund, which will use the proceeds to improve education and support the diamond industry. “

We want to be able to share that with the world.”

A large portion of the sale went to the Canadian Heritage Fund, which will use the proceeds to improve education and support the diamond industry.

The purchase is part of a $20-million effort by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to preserve and protect the historic property, which is now part of the Crown corporation’s heritage property portfolio.

It is one of five diamond mines owned by the Crown Corporation and has the largest proven reserves of the jewels.

The rest of the proceeds will go to help restore and preserve the property, including a new pavilion to be built at the hotel.

“The Royal Canadian Mt.

Parks is committed to preserving and protecting the historic Grand Hotel of Vancouver,” said Parks Canada spokesman Mike Zukerman.

“A significant portion of our work involves preserving the Grand River, and our team has already completed the rehabilitation of the original hotel and its associated properties.”

While it may be a rare diamond, it is part for its size.

A 17-karat gold ring is $8.2 million.

Its value has increased from $2.4 million when it was purchased by Gold in 1969.

The new diamond is worth about $5 million to $7 million, Zukerm said.

It’s the most valuable single-stone of its type in the world, he said.

“There’s a lot of significance to this one.

We think that this will go down as one of Canada’s most important gems,” said Zukem.

“And we think it will be an important part of Canada.”

It’s one of 10 gems in the gem market worth $2 million to over $10 million, according to the industry.

Gold’s original Nose was bought by the Vancouver company in 1971 for $2,000.

It has since become a cultural landmark for the city.

It sits atop a steep hill on the banks of the Fraser River, where it was the first gem to be mined by a commercial company.

The company’s main building has been converted into a museum, the Grand Gallery, and the hotel has been the site of several performances and festivals.

Its name was inspired by the river’s name, Nose.

Today, the hotel is one, and an outdoor amphitheater called the Nose Gallery is located in its basement.

The hotel is located on the site where the gold was first mined in 1859.

The gold was sold to the Royal British Columbian Mint, which minted a limited amount of the gems in 1882.

The Mint is responsible for preserving the gemstone and its properties.

The Crown Corporation owns and manages the Gold Mining Museum and is responsible with overseeing and managing the gold mining operation.

The Gold Mine is also home to the Vancouver Museum of History, the Royal Mint and the Royal Conservatory of Natural History.

The Nose Tree, which also sits on the same hill, was built in 1912 to commemorate the gold discovery of the Gold Coast in British Columbia.

It stands in front of the hotel, which stands next to it.

It features a large white diamond that was discovered in 1869.

The park is the site for several of the city’s parks, including Mount Pleasant, the North Vancouver Botanical Gardens, the Vancouver Aquarium and the Botanical Garden.

The original Nose, built by the then-private Canadian Gold Company in the 1960′s, has been renovated into a spectacular landscape that includes a large stone fountain, a stone bridge and a water park.

It also includes a statue of Queen Elizabeth II, a sculpture of Sir Francis Drake and a stone sculpture of a horse.

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