What you need to know about the ring made from jewelry box

A new ring made entirely from jewelry boxes is making headlines in India.

The new item, made from pieces of two different jewelry boxes, is said to be made of stainless steel and gold.

It has the same dimensions as a standard ring and is set to go on sale at a cost of Rs 10,000 ($1,700) to the public on May 22.

The designer behind the ring, a woman named Srinivas, has also said it will become a fashion accessory.

“This is a way to create a symbol of peace and love and a symbol for people to have a piece of their own, something that will be cherished,” Srinivas told Quartz.

“When you go to a jewelry store and see the box, it’s just a box, but when you wear it, it feels like it’s the most powerful thing you’ve ever worn.”

“It’s a reflection of the way we all think, a way of being,” she added.

Srinivas is not the only Indian woman to make a ring using jewelry boxes.

In September, a Japanese fashion designer made a ring out of three plastic jewelry boxes to celebrate the Japanese holiday of Shinto.

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