‘I was crying’: Kathy Scott mourns loss of daughter, sister, grandfather

“I was sad to see her go, and she was so sweet and loving,” Kathy Scott said of her daughter, Kelly, who died of an overdose on the day of her 21st birthday in 2015.

“She always loved life, and loved to dance and sing and play music.

I think she loved to play music, and her friends loved to have fun with her.”

“I think she just loved life.

She loved the outdoors and going out, and I think that was her love.

She was a joy to be around.

I am so grateful to have had her.”

Kelly Scott, 19, died on Aug. 14, 2015, of an opioid overdose.

She is seen in this undated family photo.

(Supplied)Kelly Scott was born to a family of musicians and singers in Ottawa, Ont., in 1978.

Her father, Steve Scott, was a member of the Ottawa Symphony Orchestra and her mother, Margaret, was an artist.

Her mother, an art historian, helped the family build a studio in their backyard and she taught Kelly how to paint and paint by the light of a candle.

Kelly had a strong sense of humour, and as a child, Kelly was a big fan of the musical act “The Shirebirds.”

The family moved to the small community of St. Catharines in Ontario, where her father started a piano shop in the 1970s.

Kelly was one of six children.

Kelly worked as a hair stylist at the store and in the evenings would spend time with her mother at the barbershop.

“I always wanted to be a singer, but it never occurred to me that I would be a musician,” Kelly said.

“That was in 1975, and by the time I was 17 I was playing in a rock band called The Shite Birds. “

I did not want to be part of anything else.” “

That was in 1975, and by the time I was 17 I was playing in a rock band called The Shite Birds.

I did not want to be part of anything else.”

The band was named after the Shire, the town in the Ontario province where the band was formed.

Kelly said that although she loved her music, she felt it was important to her family to have a family.

“It was important for me to have my family, because they always supported me and supported me in my music,” she said.

“My mom always told me that music was like a family and that I could be anything I wanted to.

I was so lucky to have that support from my mom.”

The family moved from St. Stephen, Ont.

to a larger community near Toronto in 1986.

At the time, the band, The Shisey Birds, was touring in Canada.

Kelly and her father attended a dance recital at a local theatre and then spent the evening with their mother, who took them to a local swimming pool.

“We were having a lot of fun, and then it was time to go home,” Kelly recalled.

I got into a lot more trouble with my father than I should have,” Kelly added. “

I just started crying and crying and sobbing.”

“I got into a lot more trouble with my father than I should have,” Kelly added.

“Because I was younger than my mom, I had this weird relationship with my dad.

He didn’t want to go out, but I could go in and I would do anything for him.”

“When I got home, my dad was like,’ What’s wrong?

I just want to have dinner and watch TV.

I just don’t want you to get in trouble.'”

The next morning, Kelly said her mother took her to a drugstore and told her she was out of there.

“So I called my mom and said, ‘Mom, I don’t have to come home.’

She just said, What’s happening?

I was scared and just started to cry.”

Kelly said that she was shocked by what happened next.

“The next day, my mother and I went out to have breakfast.

I asked my mom what was going on.

She said she had just been taken out of the house and was gone.

I went to find her, and they took me to the police station.”

At the police, Kelly told the officer what happened.

The officer told her Kelly’s mother was in the bathtub and the water was coming out of her mouth, Kelly recounted.

“He said, You’re not doing well, you’re having seizures.

I’m like, No, you didn’t take me out of here.

He said, I’m not going to give you

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