Glamorous diamond necklace from Thailand, $2,500

Glamour magazine published a story on Saturday detailing the glamorous diamond necklace that the owner of a jewelry store in Thailand was given to sell after her son died.

The jewelery store owner, who is also a professional dominatrix, has been working to sell the diamond necklace for $2.5 million since her son, 34-year-old Mok Yoon, died on May 11 from complications from anorexia and bulimia, according to the article.

The article reported that she sold the necklace for around $2 million in January.

The owner told the magazine that her son Mok was addicted to alcohol and other substances and that she would not allow him to take the necklace because she believed that it was a sign of dishonor for him to have his own jewelry.

The jewelry store owner said that she also had a number of clients in her jewelry shop who had had similar problems, according the article, which said she also took the necklace to the police after receiving a complaint.

The item has not yet been sold, but the article said it was sold on April 2 for $1.5-million.

The story noted that Mok, who died on July 20, was reportedly working as a dominatress in Thailand and had also been arrested for sexual abuse of children.

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