What is the real story behind the mother of a diamond necklace that has become a national obsession?

The mother of the diamond necklace worn by actress Rupa Subramanian has been making headlines after it was unearthed in a London court.

The necklace, which is estimated to be worth around Rs 2 crore, was found in a car parked outside her home in January this year, where she was on her way to attend a wedding.

Her daughter Rupam is a star of the film, Kumbh Mela, which has been nominated for a Bollywood award.

In May, the actress, who has been a frequent subject of criticism, said that she would not accept the necklace from the court as it was an “unnecessary” gift to her.

The actress has now filed a complaint against the Metropolitan Police alleging that it was a false accusation.

According to the police, the necklace was discovered by a passer-by who saw it in a public place, which was also the place where Rupabhna had parked her car.

Rupamar also posted a video on YouTube, in which she told the police that the necklace had belonged to her daughter.

On Friday, the Metropolitan Crime Branch, which tracks false allegations against celebrities, said in a statement that they had found the necklace in a “high crime area” of Southwark Road in east London.

“The necklace is believed to be one of a number of items found by a witness at a property in London, which are believed to have belonged to Ruparam Subramaniam,” the statement said.

The Metropolitan Police said they were “disappointed” by the complaint filed by the actress and added that they are continuing to look into the case.

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