Ebay has been on fire for over a year, and it’s no surprise that some of its biggest sellers have found success in China.

The company said on Thursday that its quarterly earnings showed it made a loss of $3.8 billion in the latest quarter.

It said it is continuing to expand its retail footprint in China, where the company had about 1,500 stores, and in the United States, where it has about 4,500 locations.

It also announced that its online sales grew 3% in the third quarter to $6.9 billion, the most in the company’s history. 

But, it said, “our revenue is not a reflection of the growth of the ecommerce business in China and we do not anticipate the impact of the recent policies to restrict online sales.” 

It also said its sales growth is driven by the surge in the number of orders from China’s middle class, which it said accounted for about 25% of its revenue in the second quarter. 

“We continue to invest aggressively to build a strong ecosystem in China to help sustain our business and the growth and success of our business in the region,” the company said. 

In its earnings release, Ebay said it has added over 7,000 stores in China since it launched in 2016, more than half of them in the province of Jiangsu. 

The company has about 1.3 million employees in China as of December 31. 

As the company has grown in China’s online shopping space, its stock has soared, while its sales have also fallen. 

Its stock price has been a key driver of the company and its earnings have also been driven by its success in selling jewelry, electronics and electronics accessories in China through its online and offline stores. 

Last month, China’s top court approved an order to ban all sales of electronic goods and goods with an average price above $5.25, effectively shutting down many of the countrys largest online retailers. 

While some of the companies largest ecommerce companies are selling on the black market and doing well, some of them have struggled.

Walmart and Amazon have said they will continue to operate online stores, while eBay is in the midst of a restructuring process that could put it out of business. 

Chinese officials are pushing for greater online commerce to be a part of the economy.

They have been pressuring China to create a regulatory framework to govern online commerce, as well as better monitor online sales.

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