‘Shocking’: ‘This is the most disturbing thing I’ve seen in my life’: The woman who allegedly beat her own sister to death

The woman accused of beating her sister to a bloody pulp to death was found with her throat slit, police in California said on Tuesday.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, police Detective Jennifer LaPasquale said 26-year-old Victoria Hernandez was found in the backyard of her sister’s home on Tuesday with her arms bound behind her back, a large gash in her head, and multiple stab wounds.

“I think the injuries to the back of her neck were self inflicted,” LaPashcale said.

“The cuts on her neck are so serious, she could’ve been dead already,” she said.

Hernandez is accused of choking and strangling her sister, 23-year old Raul Hernandez, to death on Sept. 6 at their family’s ranch near the town of Cibolo.

Authorities say Hernandez had been drinking with her mother, who was at the ranch with her boyfriend and his parents, and her boyfriend was on the other side of the house, but authorities are still trying to determine whether the three were involved in the incident.

LaPasqole said the investigation into the alleged assault has been turned over to the state Attorney General’s office.

“We’re still investigating and trying to piece together what happened and we’ll be able to get more information on that when we can,” LaPlasquole said.

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