How to get the perfect wedding mirror

A perfect mirror can be a godsend for any bride or groom.

But to get a flawless look, you might have to spend more money.

And even if you do get the mirror perfect, the mirror you buy may not match the mirror the mirrormaker will make.

And it could cost you money in the long run.

Here are the top tips to get that perfect mirror.


Get a mirror with the correct face-plate.

If you want a mirror that’s perfect for your wedding, get the correct mirror face-plates.

That way, the two sides of the mirror will be in the same spot when you put the mirror up.

The right side of the face-pads will be on the outside, while the left side will be at the top of the glass.2.

Set up a custom setup.

You can buy a mirror kit, which comes with a set of mirror faces that matches the mirror’s face-style.

You could also make your own mirrors from a custom template.

But you can get a lot of good mirror templates on Amazon.

A mirror template is an outline of the template’s face, so you can set it up with a variety of different faces.3.

Set the angle.

The angle of the mirrors is important for the perfect mirror face.

If the mirrors face is at an angle, the reflection will be blurry, making it harder to see your wedding day.

If it’s not the right angle, it will be too dark or too bright.

If a mirror is too high, it may not be able to capture all of the details of your face.4.

Choose a mirror from the right side.

If there are mirrors on the right or left side, the mirrors are most likely to reflect light onto you.

To avoid the reflection, choose a mirror for your right side that is in line with your wedding dress.5.

Measure the mirror.

Measurements of the right and left mirrors can be found on the back of the package.

If your mirror comes with an orientation chart, you can see the face of the bride and groom.

A chart on the package will give you a guide to help you determine the right mirror angle and how much of the image you should be able see.6.

Clean the mirror before placing it in the mirror kit.

You should use a brush to scrub the mirror surface and wipe the mirror, then rinse the mirror to clean off any dirt and oils.7.

Place the mirror in the shower.

If everything is set up, you’ll want to place the mirror right next to the water for the first 10 minutes.

Then, you should rinse the water off and let it drain.

You may want to wait at least 20 minutes to allow the mirror clear air.8.

Place a white towel over the mirror and hang the towel in the bathtub for 15 minutes.9.

Repeat the above steps to clean the mirror every 15 minutes for the rest of the day.10.

Clean and wax the mirror each night.

You’ll want a good waxing session.

Cleaning the mirror can take several hours.

You might also want to wax the mirrors back side, so that the light is less intense.

You do not want to let the mirror sit too long after waxing.

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