How to Find Crystals in the Crystal Jewelry Box

A new way to get your hands on gems is opening up an exchange store. 

This new system is called the Crystals Exchange and it’s already been adopted by many other companies including a brand called Jade Jewelry. 

The company was started by an entrepreneur named Adam Nunez who said, “I wanted to give my customers the best bang for their buck, and this is what I came up with.” 

The Crystals exchange was originally started by the jewelry exchange chain Lava Jewelry, but the company went public in May 2018. 

“When we started this business, it was really only going to be one person in New York City,” Nuneo said.

“We were kind of just going to use the platform to get more people into the exchange business.” 

Adam Nunei’s company is going to start up the Crystal Exchange and has opened up an online store.

They’ve already gotten about a million orders so far. 

So why did he open up a business like this? 

“We wanted to open up an entire store so that we could make it more accessible and make it affordable for everyone,” Nunes said. 

Nunes said that while the business is already a small company, it is going be able to attract more customers if the business expands. 

He said that he plans to expand the business to expand into other cities around the world. 

It’s going to cost about $1,000 to open an online business and that’s for a new company. 

If you want to learn more about this company or to sign up for a subscription to their newsletter, you can sign up here. 

To learn more and to get updates about the new business, click here.

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