How to avoid a concussion in football

The NFL has started to implement new rules for concussions that will limit players from playing and will allow teams to avoid the long-term consequences of concussions.

The league has introduced the new concussion protocols and protocols in the wake of the deaths of two former NFL players in 2014.

The new protocol is designed to protect players from repetitive head trauma, as well as provide them with a better understanding of what causes concussions and what treatments they can use.

Players who have sustained a concussion will be able to wear a helmet for at least a month.

The league will also begin requiring players to undergo a concussion testing program that can determine whether a player is at risk for developing a long-lasting neurological condition.

The NFL has also started a process of removing the use of the word concussion from the league’s medical and concussion protocols.

This has been an issue in the past, but now it will be removed from the language and the use will be reserved for the concussion protocol.

It’s a new process, and it requires some work, but the league is trying to do the right thing.

The NFL will also be introducing new concussion guidelines for the upcoming season, which will allow the league to begin the process of changing the concussion rules.

The move is expected to cost the league about $1.7 billion in health care and other expenses.

It comes amid growing concerns about concussions among players, including those who have already had a concussion.

The American Football Coaches Association released a statement Monday saying that the changes are needed because the NFL is too lenient in protecting players from concussions.

“The NFL’s concussion protocol and protocol revisions are designed to ensure that players who sustain a concussion are informed and protected in the event of a return to the field,” the statement read.

“This change is a first step in the direction of protecting players and providing them with the information and resources necessary to safely return to football activities.”

A number of professional sports leagues have also begun to implement concussion protocols, including the NFL, the NBA, the NFLPA and the NBA Players Association.

The NBA also has a concussion protocol that is expected in 2018.

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