What do you think of the new Doritos’ logo?

What do the new logo and new Dorito brand look like?

It’s been almost three months since the unveiling of the Doritoes’ new look, and now the brand is ready to launch the Dorito Locos Locos.

The brand’s new logo is an evolution of the previous design, which was created by a team of five different artists.

They created an amalgamation of traditional elements of Doritocos, including the letters ‘D,’ ‘L,’ ‘O,’ and ‘U,’ and the logo is dotted with a circular, three-dimensional shape.

It’s an interesting way to create a logo that’s more focused on the flavors and flavorsome.

It feels a bit more like a Doritocolos logo, but it’s also more unique.

As far as how the logo came to be, that’s a story for another day.

I have to admit that I’m kind of confused by it.

The Doritostones have been known to create iconic logos for some time, but they’ve never done so in this way.

The idea for the Doritanos Loco logo was brought to us by a guy who worked on the Doriticos’ logos for the last few years, and we were really excited to see what they could come up with.

We even approached the Dorrito Locos team about making a logo for the brand, but nothing ever came of it. 

The Doritoses’ logo has always been based on their traditional Latin American roots.

We think it’s very fitting that they go for something that will be more of a homage to the region’s flavor, which is also a very important element in the brand’s DNA.

The color palette is also very reminiscent of the original Doritosho, which has always had its own color palette.

The font is also reminiscent of their Latin American counterparts, with a serif-like typeface.

We definitely wanted to make sure that our logo is visually distinctive, but we also wanted to do something that felt very Dorito.

We were also very inspired by the look of their logo.

We wanted something that would be a natural, natural look, so we went with an elongated shape.

We used the same font we used for the logo for their first logo, and the font is so familiar to people that it’s hard to say how they changed it to fit the new style.

We chose an elongate shape for this logo, because we think that’s an easy way to get the flavor into the brand.

It also gives the brand a little more weight, and it also helps to create more of an emotional connection to the brand through the color.

The logo has also been created using a palette of traditional Latin-American ingredients. 

We wanted to find something that was more like the traditional flavor of the region, so the font that we used was an Italian one.

We’re not sure what exactly the original logo was about, but our team found some interesting parallels between it and the Dorita Locos, so it was definitely a good choice for us.

In terms of colors, we also tried to make it look like a modern, modern design.

There’s a lot of different colors on the logo, so you’ll definitely find something to match whatever Doritones you are. 

There’s also a new logo that the Doritaros are launching on June 29th.

That new design, however, is a completely new color palette, with lots of shades of pink and green.

I think it really shows the brand trying to create something fresh and unique, even though it’s rooted in their traditional flavor.

It really captures the flavor of Dorito as well. 

This is an article that originally ran in June 2015.

The opinions expressed in this article are the author’s own and do not necessarily reflect Polygon’s editorial stance.

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