Disney’s Enchantment of the Crystal Empire to become the Disney’s theme park title The Disney Enchantment: Crystal Empire will become the Disneyland park title Disney will build a Magic Kingdom theme park, Disney’s vice president of consumer products tells Recode

Disney’s Magic Kingdom resort and theme park in Florida will become a theme park for the park’s first year, the company’s vice-president of consumer product Chris McWilliams announced.

The resort, called The Crystal Empire, will be the park in 2018, he said in an interview.

The park will also include a new hotel, restaurants and shops.

McWilliams said the resort and park will offer an enchanting experience that “is something that you won’t find anywhere else.”

The resort will also be home to Disney’s newest attraction, a massive and elaborate showpiece called The Force.

The Force, which will debut later this year, is designed to resemble an actual Force field.

Disney has been working on this new attraction for some time, but had to get permission from the Florida Department of Environmental Protection before starting construction.

McWilliam said The Force will include rides and other attractions, including a nighttime spectacular called “Star Wars Nightfall.”

Disney also plans to add an interactive ride and ride-related entertainment to The Force in 2018.

“We’re going to have something that’s going to be really spectacular,” McWilliams said.

“And I think that’s really the magic of The Force.”

Disney has a long history of working with the environment.

Last year, Disney hired former Environmental Protection Agency head Gina McCarthy as its new chief environmental officer, and Disney also spent $4.3 billion in 2019 on climate-related programs.

Disney is also working to reduce carbon emissions in its facilities.

In the meantime, the resort will feature a new food and beverage restaurant, a bar, and a themed area for the nighttime spectacle.

McAllister said the park will have its own indoor swimming pool and spa, and it will be open for a limited number of guests every day of the year.

He said guests will be able to watch “Star Trek: Discovery” and other shows in a new movie theater.

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