How much is $4,500 for a piece of jewelry worth?

The answer is less than you might think, but for some jewelry buyers the difference can make or break their chances of finding a good deal.

A study published by the Journal of Consumer Marketing found that $4.5k is the best value for a diamond ring at the moment. 

“The diamonds are more expensive and the prices are higher, but we know that you can get a much better value for diamonds by looking at the quality of the jewelry you are buying and the price of the ring,” Dr. Mark Pazderski, an assistant professor of marketing at Columbia University, told Healthline. 

Pazdterski and his coauthors analyzed prices of $4k and $4m diamond rings for more than 100,000 items on, eBay, and other retailers from 2009 to 2015.

They found that when it came to the price, $4 million was the best-performing jewelry at the time. 

A diamond ring valued at $4 Million would sell for $1.2 million on eBay, which would be a 25% markup.

A $5.5 million diamond ring would go for $2.7 million on Amazon, which is 30% more than it would be on eBay. 

But a diamond with a $4million price tag is a very good deal, even for the diamond jewelry buyer.

“We found that a diamond that’s worth $4mil or more, the jewelry that it’s made from is the most important piece of your collection,” Pazserski said.

“It’s a very valuable piece of the family jewelry and it’s going to be in the family for a long time.”

Pazsterski said jewelry with a price tag that is a little more than $4 mil will often sell for more on the secondary market, which means it will go for a lot less on eBay and in stores.

“If you’re buying jewelry for a very small family and it has a very high value, you can really save a lot of money by doing it through your own site,” he said. 

So what’s your next best bet for getting the best deal on a diamond?

Pazdski said the most common way to find diamonds is by visiting a jeweler and asking them to recommend the right size for you. 

Another method is to call your local jewelry shop, ask them to send you a diamond appraisal, and then ask them if the diamond you’re looking for has the right dimensions for you and your size.

“The appraiser will look at the diamond, the diamond will look back at the appraiser, and they will send you an estimate of how much you would pay to have a diamond like that,” he explained. 

You can also look for an appraisal on the internet or at a local jeweler’s website, where the appraisal will usually include photos of the diamond.

“I would recommend visiting a jewelry shop and asking the appraisers to recommend a diamond size for your jewelry, and I would recommend looking for a real jewelry store to make sure they have the right diamond,” he added. 

If you have a friend or relative who is a jewelry expert, Pazsderski suggested contacting them to talk about the best way to go about it. 

In addition to jewelry prices, Pazaerkski and other experts have found that diamonds are also very important to make up the majority of the world’s gold reserves.

A lot of jewelry in the United States is made from recycled gold, and Pazrdski said it is important to take the time to check how much gold is in the diamonds you are choosing. 

Dr. Mark Tj Maxx, co-founder and CEO of tj maxX jewelry, told Business Insider that she has found the diamond ring as a source of wealth in her life.

“You know that I am very blessed because I have a lot going on in my life,” she said.

“I get to take a diamond to the next level and that is what makes it valuable to me,” she added.

“Because I know that there is more than one diamond that I can find in this world and I am able to take that diamond to someone who I care about and that makes it even more valuable to that person.”

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