Irish woman jailed for ‘bizarre’ diamond necklace

A 23-year-old woman has been jailed for “bizarre” diamond necklacing.

The woman, from Londonderry, was given an 18-month sentence at County Court in Galway on Friday.

She had been arrested at a jewelry store in Galveston on January 30.

She was arrested by gardai on suspicion of selling and importing an imitation diamond, a large quantity of it.

The item was recovered by police at the scene and police recovered a quantity of the counterfeit jewellery.

The court heard the woman had travelled to Ireland from New Zealand in the hope of purchasing diamonds at a jewellers in the city.

In a statement read out to the court she said: “I am a single mother of two young children.

I am an alcoholic and have been for many years.

I have a very large collection of diamonds.”

My son loves to go to the shop and I wanted to show him the difference diamonds made.

“I have bought diamonds and had them cut by my friend, but I am only 21 and I have always wanted to own a real diamond.”

We are going to have to put up with this for a while but I will always love diamonds and have a lot of them.

“Gardai said the woman would be sentenced on May 10.

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