What to Know About the $15 Million Macys Jewelry Rental for 2017

Posted September 12, 2018 05:31:50The new Macys jewelry rental program launched earlier this year, and it’s getting a little more attention from the media than it deserves.

Here are some things you should know about the company:1.

Macys is not just a jewelry rental company.

Macys is also a lifestyle brand.

The company has a line of home goods, including home décor and accessories, as well as a line for furniture.

It also owns a fitness business.

The Macys line of jewelry includes the jewelry brand’s signature macrame, a chain-link-wrapped chain of rings that looks like a pair of wire clamps.

It’s the same model as Macys’ signature Macrame, which was first introduced in the early 2000s.

The Macrame also has an array of other Macys accessories, like earrings, rings, earrings that look like a chain and bracelets.2.

Macies is not a luxury brand.

Macrys doesn’t advertise itself as a luxury company, which is what most other jewelers advertise.

Instead, it advertises itself as the “world’s most trusted luxury brand.”

That may sound a little vague, but you’ll see in its descriptions that the company is known for its quality, high-quality materials and craftsmanship.

Macs has also been on the cover of many magazines, including GQ, The Atlantic and Vanity Fair.3.

Mac and Dior are the same brand.

Macs is Macys, but the Macys brand is also Dior.

Mac is Mac, and Dios is Dios.

The name is the same.4.

The rental prices for the Macs jewelry rental range from $12,000 to $18,000 per month.

The Dior jewelry rental is also $12-18 per month, with the prices starting at $10,000.

It doesn’t appear that any of the rental options have been reduced or decreased.5.

The rentals for Macs and Diors jewelry will not be available online.

The only Macys website is located on its website.

Mac has also released an app for iPhone and Android that lets you rent the Mac’s jewelry from the App Store.6.

The price of the Mac and Diamonds jewelry rentals varies by season.

Macos jewelry rentals will be available for sale at select retailers, including Bloomingdale’s, Macy’s, Forever 21, Kohl’s, Nordstrom, TJ Maxx and Zappos.

Mac will also be available at select Walgreens locations.7.

The MACs Jewelry rental program includes three-month rentals of $14,500 per month and $12 million per year.

It includes a $4,500 upfront deposit, and $10 million after that.8.

The $5,000 fee for the first Macys rental will be waived for individuals who live in Florida.

For individuals who are not living in Florida, the first rental will include a $3,000 upfront deposit and $1,500 after that, the company said.

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